Welcome to the obligatory about page. If you haven’t guessed it by now, we write about anime, manga, J-pop and anything else a self-respecting weeb might read about. The gist of it is this: we are dere-dere for anime, manga, music etc and we decided to write about them. Very original, we know. We have background in journalism and music, so at least we aren’t going to waste your time. Although, there might be some opinionated salty commentary as is tradition. Think of it as a feature. Enough of that, go read some of our posts. BTW we are pretty ambitious and theOtakuSpot will be a constantly evolving project so keep an eye out.

The Team


Okay. Let’s get this over with, shall we? I enjoy writing and I enjoy watching anime. It doesn’t really take a genius to put two and two together, which is good for me. Like any good otaku, I have my favourites and as a fan I can be biased at times but for the sake of journalistic impartiality I aim to keep an open mind. If you like what I write, then great. If you don’t, that’s also fine. I won’t claim that I am right all the time. That would be impossible. My aim is to offer my views on anime and create factual, as well as entertaining content for you. I love anime. Since you are reading this, you probably do too. So, I am sure that I don’t really have to explain to you why I love it so much that I want to write about it.

Librettista Capricciosa

Who am I? I’m an otaku culture enthusiast who also happens to be a classically trained musician.
What do I do here? I check out the latest anime tie-ups, OSTs and I gather information to create artist profiles.
Why music? OPs, EDs and OSTs are a make or break deal and frankly I see them as an under-discussed topic. This is where I come in.
So what? Me being a musician doesn’t mean that what I like is what you should like. What it means is that I am able to pinpoint why I like or dislike a song. It all comes down to personal preference and the more technical stuff.
Will there be a lot of technical stuff? It depends. Sometimes I kinda have to use music terminology to justify my views, right? But fear not. I have created a Music Glossary page, where I explain all the terms I have used in my articles.

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If you were looking for a way to contact us this is the spot to do it. We are always happy to hear from our readers, be it comments, questions, content ideas or whatever. Feel free to message the team via the contact form.

Do you like anime, manga and the like? Are you opinionated and want to cut your teeth writing? Then why not write for theOtakuSpot? We want to provide a plurality of voices through our online magazine and we believe that the best way to get them is to simply ask for them. You could be a run-of-the-mill fanboy/fangirl, a lurker or a full fledged anime content creator. It doesn’t matter. To put it plainly we want your strong and bold opinions. Have lots to write about? Become a contributor. Are you into that but are not ready for the commitment of regularly producing content? You can opt to become an occasional or one-time contributor instead. Obviously your work will be credited and you can get valuable experience and exposure. So, if writing for theOtakuSpot tickles your fancy then message us.