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Disclaimer: There might be spoilers ahead.

Keeping a promise

While browsing the interwebs looking for all the new anime coming for winter 2020 -like the good otaku that I am- I came across Asteroid in Love. Having never heard of it before I started reading the description and it seemed like it had a cute premise. Girl meets boy, they stargaze together, make a promise, lose touch, then find each other again years later. Cute, isn’t it? Then I reach the punch line: the boy wasn’t a boy after all, it was a girl. Dun Dun Duuuun! That’s what some people call a reverse trap, boys and girls.

Ao-Mira, 3 other characters, school building, night sky
Earth science club members (from left to right): Manaka Ao, Inose Mai, Morino Mari, Sakurai Mikage, Konohata Mira. Asteroid in Love poster. (source)

All jokes aside, I found the story interesting enough before but the added complexity from the whole ‘girl meets boy, boy is girl’ scenario intrigued me further. I thought that it could make a somewhat basic slice of life anime a bit more special. Was I right? Well, the first episode was not really enough to tell.

As I wrote before, Koisuru Asteroid’s story begins with a young girl and a young boy stargazing. The girl’s name is Mira and the boy is Ao. The two of them seem to hit it off right away and they start talking about -you guessed it- the stars. Mira is not very knowledgeable to say the least but in contrast, Ao comes across as a bit of an astronomy enthusiast. His enthusiasm peaks when he hears the young girls name, Mira. A name that, as he points out, has also been given to a beautiful celestial body. Unfortunately, for the young astronomer, his name has not been given to a star because, as he puts it, Ao is a weird name. However, Mira disagrees and urges him to make a promise with her that they will find a star together to name after him. Fast forward a few years and we find Mira talking with her friend, Suzu-chan, about the now defunct astronomy club that she wanted to join. She soon learns that the astronomy club has been merged with the geological research society to form the earth science club. When Mira goes to the club room, we are introduced to three new characters and much to Mira’s surprise, we are re-introduced to Ao who was a girl all along. Wishing to keep their promise to one another, they -together with the other club members- need to do their best in their club activities. As you can tell, this anime thinks safely inside the familiar slice of life/Cute Girls Do Cute Things box.

Okay, to be completely honest with you, I am not entirely sure where this anime is heading. It could either focus on the relationship between Mira, Ao and the other girls, it could put more weight on the earth science club activities or it could be a combination of both. It will most likely be the latter. Unfortunately, as I see it, the club activities are not going to be interesting enough -we are talking about geology and astronomy- but I hope that I am proven wrong. Hence, it would make sense if the focus of the story will be the interactions between the girls of the club and most importantly the relationship between the two main characters. What that relationship will be, I’m not really sure. At this point, there are hints that could support the theory that their relationship might evolve into something more. However, it could simply evolve into a strong form of friendship. Platonic love is still love we mustn’t forget. Nonetheless, if Mira and Ao do express romantic feelings for one another that’s fine as well. Who wouldn’t like to see some intense hand holding?

In conclusion, just like every other anime, I truly hope for the best but sometimes I end up disappointed. Koisuru Asteroid does not have to disappoint me but it definitely lacks what other more popular anime offer. Things like fight scenes or gratuitous fan-service come to mind. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it is doomed to fail but it can definitely be overlooked. Now, should you watch it? If I were you, I would watch the first episode just to get a feel for it but you might want to watch the full thing after it finishes airing. Like I said, it’s not for everyone but it could go on to be a good honest slice of life anime.



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