First Look: Danmachi Season 3<span class="wtr-time-wrap block after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? I don’t know, is it?

Bell-kun is such good guy, isn’t he? He’s always been a hero through and through, saving girls and fighting monsters left and right. This time won’t be any different, right? Well, not entirely. This time he might have bitten of more than he can chew.

Season 3 of Danmachi starts off strong right off the bat with the introduction of the main problem or should I say the heroine of this arc, Wiene. Now Wiene is not like the other girls, which says a lot considering that Bell Cranel’s current harem roster includes a goddess, among others. You see, Wiene is a monster. While struggling to flee from some adventurers in the lush environment of the labyrinth’s 19th level, she was fortunate enough to run into Bell. Being the hero that he is, he protected her and took her out of the labyrinth in order to keep her safe. Although Wiene is definitely a monster, she is special. She possesses intelligence and the ability to speak. Something that bewildered and amazed Bell’s comrades. Of course their amazement is not without worry, a monster is a monster after all. Despite that, the decision to shelter Wiene in their home turns out better than expected and everyone manages to bond with her (sort of). There were some mishaps but nothing a little manicure couldn’t fix. Clearly, Wiene’s existence and Bell’s decision to save her will have major implications moving forward which is a good thing story wise. Overall, this first episode was interesting enough to make me hopeful that this season will be better than the last. In case you are a fan of the last season I’m sorry but it was rather disappointing.

The first season was a pleasant surprise since I tend to set the bar cautiously low with this kind of anime. Unfortunately, the second season was not that great. Sure, we are talking about different story arcs but at the time it appeared as if our focus shifted violently away from the labyrinth and its mysteries all in favour of -let’s face it- a girl. Bell is a hero and heroes need damsels to rescue I know, but still Danmachi doesn’t have to be a simple harem. Watching Bell give his all fighting that minotaur in season one was a great moment. Why not have more of that? This is a matter of personal opinion but I would prefer more action and character development than pointless romantic interests. “Watch something else then” you might argue and you are probably right.

To be fair, Danmachi is pretty clear about what it’s about. It says so in the title. My point is that striking a balance between the harem part and the fantasy adventure part would probably be the best way to go about this. From the looks of things this third season appears to be more promising than the last story wise. Yes, obviously a girl is still an integral part of the plot but at least this time the labyrinth and its mysteries will most likely get their deserved screen time. Again my bar is set pretty low but at the same time, Danmachi has surprised me in the past.



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