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I am a bit confused…

This season has mostly been about sequels which are great and all but I doubt any of us would mind some fresh ideas. Thankfully, apart from some ecchi options, there is also Deca-Dence among the exceptions. Just to be clear, though: being the exception is not always a good thing and it certainly does not make Deca-Dence a good anime. Just a heads up. I know that we’ve almost reached the third episode but my impressions rely solely on the first episode (I know things get weird on episode 2).

3 protagonists, falling from sky, round-shaped equipment attached on their backs
Deca-Dence poster (source)

My first impressions on Deca-Dence are that this is an imaginative story that relies on the good old post-apocalyptic survival scenario with a few unique twists. Personally, I don’t mind this kind of stories, even if I’ve seen similar things quite a few times by now. It’s always interesting to watch the characters struggling to survive against insurmountable odds. By the first half of the first episode, I was into the whole thing. Unfortunately, towards the end where the massive battle scene happens, it hit me that this may not be so special after all. Perhaps the thing that ruined it for me was the animation. At first, I thought that the animation was quite cool and well done. However, during the fight scenes, it’s like the quality dropped. Apart from that, there’s not much else to say about Deca-Dence. Or at least, there’s not much I’d like to say at this point. It’s clear that there’s more going on with the story than we learn in episode 1. Obviously, when writing a review, it’s best to wait for the first few episodes. However, since these are supposed to be my first impressions, I’m giving you just that. What I got from Deca-Dence is that I can’t make up my mind, whether this is good or not. Based on the fight scenes, if this anime is mostly about battles and mecha and aerial manoeuvrers, then I’m not really excited about it. If they pile on the plot heavily and have a story to tell, then I might appreciate it. As I said before, I like stories that have similar settings and the way I see it, being original is not a bad thing but don’t do it just for the sake of originality.



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