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Spontaneous human combustion is real and it scares me

This season has a lot of anime sequels. Among them are Re:Zero, Oregairu and Swort Art Online. Obviously, most of us have been eagerly awaiting those three. However, it would be wrong to overlook Fire Force Season 2. Especially when the first episode of this new season was so good.

Characters, good guys at the bottom, bad guys at top part of the image
Fire Force Season 2 poster (source)

If you haven’t watched the first season of Fire Force, I suggest you do. To be honest, I did not watch the original season while it was airing. I only did so a couple of months ago. The concept behind Fire Force is interesting, but at the same time, I had my doubts fearing that it would just be another shounen/superhero blend. However, after watching it, it quickly became clear that there’s more to this anime than its setting and fight scenes. What I found most enjoyable were its characters. Thankfully, the first episode of this new season focuses greatly on them. There were of course references to the previous season’s story but it was done in moderation. It was a wise choice to not overload us with information right off the bat. Choosing to make the first episode fun and exciting with a good amount of action helped me remember why I enjoyed the first season.

Don’t make the same mistake I did when the first season came out. Make room in your weeb schedule and watch Fire Force Season 2, despite all the isekai love comedies out there.




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