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It’s Finally here!

It’s season 4 of Haikyuu!! There shouldn’t be much more that I have to say really. Haikyuu is an extremely popular anime and that’s due to all the right reasons. Despite being a sport anime, namely volleyball, the story, the characters, the animation, the music and the general effect it has on its viewers is truly electrifying. I was never a volleyball fan to be honest with you. To be completely honest I still don’t qualify as one but this anime definitely played a vital role in my appreciation of this truly demanding sport.

Tsukishima, Hinata and Kageyama, 2 other characters in the background
Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP poster (source)

However, I must not underplay the anime factor. Since you must be wondering what the hell I am talking about let me clarify. Anime makes things look better than they actually are. A good example would be food. Those animators always make my stomach growl and mouth salivate. They just make the food look sooo good. If we apply the same anime magic to sports what do we have? We have anime like Captain Tsubasa, Slam Dunk and obviously Haikyuu!! Everything is just turned up all the way up to the max. The blocks, the strikes, the passes, the dunks, the fouls. Every single second of the game becomes memorable and exciting. Haikyuu!! is perhaps one of the best if not the best at this. The characters of this anime have gone through so much already both on and off the court. I am just glad I was there with them watching them grow both as athletes as well as people.

This latest season of Haikyuu!! will follow our dear Karasuno High lads as they prepare to compete on the national level, following their tremendous and somewhat unbelievable victory against the former champions Shiratorizawa Academy. After getting reacquainted with the Karasuno team by watching them go about their usual hilarious headbutting we learn that Kageyama has been chosen to attend a training camp in Tokyo as a prospective player for the under-19 Japanese national volleyball team. A tremendous privilege and an irrefutable validation of his skills as a setter. The towering Tsukishima has also received an invitation to attend a training camp for the best young players of the prefecture. An offer that he reluctantly accepts. Of course, ‘little’ Hinata, is less than thrilled about him not being chosen for either training camp. So, as you would expect -if you’ve watched the previous seasons that is- his stubbornness is bound to make him do something that would be unthinkable to other less enthusiastic people. He does just that by wedging himself in Tsukishima’s training camp that is being held at Shiratorizawa Academy, completely uninvited. After being thoroughly scolded by his coach and teacher he is allowed to stay. However, Shiratorizawa’s grumpy coach is quick to sober Hinata by offering him his humbling assessment that without Kageyama he has no value. It is clear that both Hinata as well as Kageyama have their hands full with proving their worth and it’s extremely unlikely that either will back down or give up.

Having watched all previous seasons of this explosive anime, I highly recommend watching this season as well. I doubt that you actually needed me to say that If you have followed the story up to now. However, if you haven’t had the chance to indulge in the Haikyuu!! goodness, please take my advise and go watch the whole thing now. Seriously. What are you waiting for? Go!



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