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DISCLAIMER: There might be spoilers ahead.

Sci-fi Sherlock

Right from the very start of the first episode, it is easy to tell that ID: Invaded will be different than your average anime. A fragmented reality, a brilliant detective and a series of murders effortlessly kept me glued to my screen for the duration of the episode. It isn’t too early to say that its mature and slightly disturbing concept will not struggle to keep us captivated for the remainder of the season.

Main character in profile, supporting characters grow out of main character's head, white background
ID: INVADED poster (source)

I like a good mystery as much as anybody. The works of Dame Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and their recent interpretations or any of the myriad new original shows (non-anime) that grace our TV sets each season, have shown us that there’s nothing like a good murder mystery to get the blood pumping. Sure, you could argue that horror movies might be better at doing that but we are not talking about monster induced jump-scares here. We are talking about the worst monster of all. Man. A good thriller will make you feel fear and disgust. It will make you feel sympathy, as well as rage. It will make you feel involved and invested. I don’t know if ID: Invaded will manage to offer all that but from what I saw, it will definitely try.

Since I would recommend that you give this anime a shot, I won’t spoil too much of the story but what I can tell you is that ID: Invaded employs all the basic elements of a classic murder mystery. A series of horrifying murders, an untouchable killer, a brilliant but reckless detective, as well as a range of interesting and unique characters. Oh, also a great deal of science-fiction elements as well. Think Minority Report and Inception, with a touch of Psycho-Pass thrown in there. Since ID: Invaded has barely started, we still haven’t experienced the full scope of the story’s complexity. But the gist of it is this. There is this amazing detective, Sakaido, that is inside what seems like a dimension where a bunch of pieces of the world are floating around. He has no idea where he is, who he is or why his body seems to be breaking into many floaty pieces. Following some slight screaming, he manages to get a hold of his bearings, as well as his foot and starts to make his way around the mysterious fragmented space he is in. After coming across the bloody corpse of a young woman, who he recognizes, he manages to regain some of his memories, as well as a purpose. While attempting to literally piece together the world around him, his actions are being monitored by a bunch of people in a sci-fi looking room. Apparently, Sakaido is inside the subconscious of a serial killer and the investigators are using the brilliant detective to gather clues in order to apprehend the said serial killer. There is a lot more to it than that but I would advise you to skip reading anything before watching it since it might spoil it for you. What I can tell you is that visually it is a terribly intriguing anime mainly because of the aforementioned trippy world the detective is confined in. The soundtrack is also used extensively to accentuate various moments in an almost Hollywoodesque manner but if you want to read more on that, go here. BTW, the ending is pretty dope, make sure to listen to it.

ID: INVADED Official Trailer from KADOKAWA

In conclusion, ID: Invaded makes use of classic murder mystery elements and sci-fi concepts to keep us involved and intrigued. Just by watching the first episode of this anime, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the next and all the fresh revelations it will bring. If you are into this sort of thing, I recommend you give it a try. If you are not, you still should consider watching it if you want to cleanse your palate with something more grown up.



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