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Disclaimer: There might be spoilers ahead

All about the plot

We watch anime because of the amazing stories, brilliant characters and crisp animation. However, sometimes what we are looking for is plot. You know what I am talking about, don’t deny it. Now, most anime out there have some sort of fan-service. It may not be the main focus but there is a high chance that your favourite anime has a touch of ecchi sprinkled in. Ecchi is all around us, so let’s just accept this as a fact. In the case of Interspecies Reviewers, the whole plot is the plot. So, if you are in touch with your inner pervert then look no further. Or just skip this and go straight to hentai, I guess…

17 characters, sitting, tavern table
The reviewers and the reviewed… (source)

The premise of Ishuzoku Reviewers is more than fairly straightforward, which is rather fitting considering that this anime could pass as a hentai. It’s all about a bunch of guys looking for some fun in the red light district. The brothels in question as well as the people that frequent them are not only human but a collection of fantasy races including elves, demons, angels, cat-people, undead and so on. Personally, although I get that this anime is basically a big joke, the idea behind it is pretty clever. This was clear from the first interaction of the main characters. The human, Stunk, has just enjoyed the services of a cute elf succu-girl (the appropriate name for the working girls in the world of Ishuzoku Reviewers) and is heading to the pub to meet up with his friends. His buddy, Zel, the elf is grossed out by the fact that Stunk thinks elf women are sexy. He argues that human females that are 50 years old or so are far more attractive. A heated debate ensues that leads to them asking the opinion of the other patrons in the pub. Much to the disbelief of Stunk, the others –that include a beast-man and a half-ling– agree that elves are gross. Apparently their age, 500+ years old, is pretty unappealing to everyone apart from humans. Go figure. That is the backbone of this perverted anime. The reviews that the guys give after each ‘encounter’ as well as the reactions of all those that read them are very entertaining and imaginative. All in all, it’s a good concept. On the one hand it has comedy and on the other it has ecchi. What’s not to love? It’s as if Interspecies Reviewers has been based on a perverted conversation between guys.

Guy one: “Who would you rather do: an elf or a demon girl?”
Guy two: “I don’t know man… Elves are pretty old… What if they smell like mothballs?”
Guy one: “Dude, what’s wrong with you? They are hot, that’s all the matters!”
Guy two: “I think demon girls are sexier… More violent, you know…”
Guy three: “I like fairies…”
Guy one and two: “Of course you do…”

Imagine something like that and you pretty much have the gist of Interspecies Reviewers. Personally, I think it’s brilliant. However, I am a guy and being a guy I have issues. Hence, what I find amusing might seem offensive to others. If you find the premise of fantasy interspecies brothel reviews a tad too much, just ignore it but if you are looking for some ecchi comedy, then this is the anime for you this season. Like I said, there is no real story to speak of, you will just go along with the flow and witness the various raunchy escapades of the perverted reviewers. There is not much else to it. However, it should be said that despite the questionable premise, this anime is very well done. The animation, voice acting and directing are good (also the OP and ED are pretty catchy and remind me of the Village People). Not award nomination material but great nonetheless. I mean, I was not expecting anything amazing from this anime but it looks like I underestimated it. There are other more ‘serious’ anime out there that are not as well-made as this borderline hentai.

In conclusion, if you are old enough I suggest you watch Interspecies Reviewers. Just make sure there is no one nearby and you are wearing headphones because it can get from zero to full-on hentai really fast. Now, I can’t stress this enough: this anime is suitable only for self-acknowledged perverts that are not afraid to partake in some some fantasy-style ecchi depraved comedy. If you are a girl, you might not like it but that depends. If you are a guy, you will most likely enjoy it. That’s it. Oh, and one more thing. One of the main characters is called, Crimvael and he/she is an angel. I wrote he/she because Crimvael has both. A futanari then… I promise it’s not a hentai. But keep in mind there is an uncensored version as well…. Again, not a hentai.



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