First Look: Jujutsu Kaisen<span class="wtr-time-wrap block after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

This looks amazing.

This is pretty good, isn’t it? Having not done my homework, I came into this unprepared without any real expectations and Jujutsu Kaisen repaid my ignorance by blowing me away. This anime looks so good. So good.

3 first years of Jujutsu Tech and teacher, background is red hands, hands hide face
Sorcery Fight poster (source)

It is obviously too early to tell whether the story or the characters are going to be worthwhile -although there are strong evidence to support that- but it’s not too early to tell that the visuals are absolutely tremendous. Even though the premiere is my only reference, it is safe to say that the studio, the director and the rest of the production staff really went all out with this one. Well done MAPPA. Well done Park Seong-Hu. The soundtrack was also very interesting and complimented what was happening on screen well. And while we’re talking about music, the opening and ending themes are probably the best this season. Both Eve and ALI did this anime justice.

Perhaps what I’m getting at is that Jujutsu Kaisen just seems to emanate quality. It is bound to become the new favourite for plenty of people. Still, it is too early to critically assess if this is indeed as great an anime as it appears to be. But by the looks of things, taking into account the work that’s been put into it and the intriguing, occult foundation of the story, then this might be the anime to beat for this fall season. At the very least, it will definitely have some excellently animated fight scenes. What’s not to like?



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