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What do you mean “Who’s Rem?”

*Annoying voice* Who’s Rem? What do you mean “Who’s Rem”? Rem was the only one that supported Subaru when he was down in the dumps. She was the one that helped Subaru come back to his senses. She was the one that essentially made the happy ending of season 1 possible. For me, at least, she is one of the main reasons I enjoyed Re:Zero season 1 so much.

female, long white hair, Echidna, new characters besides her, familiar characters appear in crystal, held by Echidna
Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World 2nd Season poster (source)

Subaru has some seriously bad luck when it comes to the girls he likes. I guess it either has to be Emilia or Rem but either way, someone has to be miserable. Truth be told, I get that since Subaru is the hero, he needs a damsel in distress. But still, poor Rem. Anyway. I have no intention of spoiling the first episode of Re:Zero 2, so I won’t say much else about that. The only reason I’m mentioning Rem is because most of you should know by now that she will be out of the picture for a while, thrusting Emilia-tan into the spotlight as Subaru’s emotional anchor. It is definitely going to be a much different season with a whole new set of characters and impossible situations that poor Subaru must endure.

Although I talked about spoilers, if you watched the director’s cut of the first season and the trailers that came before this season, you should know that there are some new baddies involved, as well as a few characters that might shed some light onto the questions we’ve had from season one. If you haven’t watched the first season and if you have no idea about what I’m writing, then I suggest you go binge-watch it. There are several things that I enjoyed about Re:Zero. First and foremost, I enjoyed the production value, especially the directing and the voice acting. From what I gathered, this new season will probably have the same high standards. Story-wise, although it is an isekai -and we’ve had many of those-, it is understandable why so many people enjoyed it. Personally, when I think about it, the one word that comes to mind is despair. What I mean to say isn’t that I enjoy seeing the characters in despair but I enjoy the sense that this is not a simple isekai where the main character just powers through everything and lives his life on easy mode. It makes me feel that the person who fleshed-out this world and its inhabitants, actually has a sense of how an epic tale should be. Before you hate on me for using the word “epic”, hear me out. The reason I feel that it’s epic is not because of its proportions but because of its scope and the heft of Subaru’s labor. And it is a labor. Re:Zero is not a comedy/action anime. It’s more of a psychological thriller with a fantasy setting. It would be a lie if I said that I did not enjoy being unable to guess how the story will unfold. Even if I tried and were half right, Subaru could change that and rewrite everything that’s happened.

Don’t accuse me of being a fanboy. It’s not that I like Subaru. It’s that his character makes sense. His theatrics are a bit too much, his obsession can be borderline creepy and he is very petty. But at the same time, it’s those imperfections or bad qualities that make him seem real. And he is faced with the consequences of his actions all the time. He is an inexperienced young man (a former shut-in) and the world has suddenly asked so much of him. It would be impossible not to feel bad about the guy when he has spent so much time with the other characters and he has vivid memories of moments that for his companions simply have never happened. That is despair.

Having not read the books, I am not sure how the story will progress. Perhaps, I have high expectations for this season but I will gladly put my faith on the production team and expect Re:Zero season 2 to be what it ought to be and what we expect it to be.



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