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This season I aimed to write my initial impressions on all -or at least most- of the anime coming out. I did my best but there are still four series that I haven’t written anything about yet. Since the fourth episodes are fast approaching and since I am planning to write about all of them after they air, I made this combined post on the missing four first impressions. Mind you, it’s not like I left the best for last or anything. Actually the opposite of that.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! [Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!]

Characters, walking, mountain trail, trees, blue sky-the sea as background
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! poster (source)

This is not a bad anime, although it’s not great either. It gave me some serious Aho Girl vibes, which is not a bad thing. This isn’t really supposed to be clever or meaningful in any way; it’s just a ‘stupid’ comedy. It relies more on simple comedic elements, a very basic story and some ecchi as well. Uzaki-chan is very annoying but I guess, that’s her charm. The main guy is bland but watching his reactions -although easy to anticipate- is entertaining. This is not a masterpiece, it’s not even that great really but if you find yourself with nothing to watch, then you should give it a go. Just keep the bar low.



Monster Musume no Oishasan [Monster Girl Doctor]

Monster girls surround protagonist, bridge, medieval-inspired fantasy world buildings
Monster Musume no Oishasan poster (source)

What a pile of horse crap. This thing shouldn’t even be considered trash tier; it’s more of an industrial waste kind of deal. I see no redeeming features in Monster Girl Doctor apart from possibly appealing to the questionable fetishes of some people. Monster girls are not really my thing. I just don’t find them very appealing and I draw the line at elves, perhaps cat ears and maybe a pair of demon horns to spice things up a bit, like most otaku out there. Hooves, snake tails and gills are pushing it. Even if we ignore the weird theme, this anime does not have any good points. The story is basic at best but it should be more accurately described as merely an excuse for the ‘fan-service’. The directing is sloppy, the animation hurt me on an emotional level and the voice acting was way over the top. Mind you, I’m only talking about the first episode. In conclusion, this is merely a cacophony of unpopular anime elements taken to the extreme for no apparent reason apart from the pleasure of a minority. It sucks.



Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan [Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time]

Characters, holding weapons, bright blue sky is background
Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan poster (source)

Ok. Let’s not think of this as an anime but more of a funny hentai. See? That’s better. Now, Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time tells the story of… Peter Grill, who becomes the strongest man in the world and hence, the most eligible bachelor. Apparently, his *cough* genes are very popular and quickly a harem forms around him. Poor Peter Grill, however, has a fiancée, who is completely Kama Sutra illiterate. Despite doing his best to not indulge in any bedroom activities with the newly established harem, he succumbs to his carnal desires and does the nasty. That’s about it. I’m guessing this will go on for several episodes. Like I said, it’s more of a hentai rather than a mainstream anime, so you can expect a lot of fan-service sprinkled with some basic comedy. The episodes are shorter than usual but production-wise it wasn’t so bad. I’d say that for what it is, it’s fine. Especially, if we compare it to Monster Girl Doctor, this is much more enjoyable. Still, you shouldn’t think of this as a serious anime series and judge it appropriately. FYI, ‘kenja no jikan’ or ‘kenja taimu’ is basically a Japanese way of saying the clarity you have after climaxing… in case you were wondering what the title is all about.

Disclaimer: Watch it alone or in the company of other cultured individuals. I would suggest you avoid watching this in front of parents, children, while riding the bus, etc.




Characters, post-apocalyptic setting, swords and other weapons, red monsters flying
Gibiate poster (source)

I recently wrote a post about the upcoming anime adaptation of So I’m a Spider, So What?. In it I wrote about my dislike of 3D animation. I also gave some examples of said bad animation, such as Berserk, Goblin Slayer, etc. Judging from the first episode alone, I would say that Gibiate’s animation -or at least some of its animation (monsters)- is pretty horrible. If we ignore that and look at the big picture, Gibiate is still sub-par. There are many things wrong with it. To make myself clear, I was one of those people that thought that Gibiate might turn out to be good or at least that’s what I hoped for. The main problem I’m facing is the writing. It is badly written. I’m not specifically referring to the story -that is a different matter. I am referring to the actual script. There should be some very fundamental communication issues between the characters. This is not addressed. Having introduced time travel into the story, I just can’t see how two “samurai” could possibly understand modern Japanese so efficiently and without any problems. I’m not an expert on ye olde Japanese but I assume that words such as DNA, chromosome and virus would not have been a part of their daily vocabularies. Moving on to the characters. They seem simple, predictable and not interesting enough. Having time-traveling samurai be a part of a post-apocalyptic monster-infested survival situation is not enough. I’m not even going to talk about how easily everyone has gotten in terms with either time-travel or monsters. It is clear that this anime will be relying on action and that scares me a little bit. I am expecting bad animation (we’ve seen evidence of that already), awkward directing and badly choreographed fight scenes. There is plenty more that I could write but I see no point in it, just as I see no point in watching the rest of Gibiate. To be clear, my aim is never to hate on an anime deliberately. I struggle to find any good points this time. I would not recommend it.



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