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Consistently great

The fourth episode of Fire Force Season 2 aired a few days ago, meaning that we can form an educated opinion about this new season. My personal conclusion is that it’s just as good as the first one, perhaps even better. As I wrote in my first impressions post, I found that the first episode was very well done. It had comedy and action without laying it extremely thick on the story. Overall, it was a great way to get reacquainted with the characters. In the following episodes, we got back to where we left off at the end of season 1.

5 male firefighters, posing nude, looking left, flexing muscles
Fire Force Company 8 calendar photo (source)

There are many things going on with the story. Definitely the plot keeps building on top of the mysteries and questions we had during the last season. Namely, adolla burst, the infernals, the bugs and the white-clad pyromaniac sociopathic cultists. Since I try to avoid spoiling the story with each and every review, I won’t say much at this point. However, I can tell you that Fire Force has done a very good job with developing its characters while also providing ample entertainment for the viewer. Despite the whole The God of High School buzz, I would argue that Fire Force 2 has the best action scenes of this season. The fighting, the explosions, the individuality and powers of the characters make the fight scenes exhilarating. The music has also been consistently good.

protagonist, Shinra, heavy fire proof uniform, kicking and producing fire
Fire Force Company 8, Shinra (source)

I realize that Fire Force is a shounen, hence it has that ‘classic’ anime feel to it. Perhaps this familiar shounen recipe is what makes it easy to consume. Nonetheless, -having watched all the anime so far this season- this is my top pick as most enjoyable… at the very least. I’m not saying best, because I would like to avoid being biased but there is really nothing to dislike. Other titles of this season have a lot going for them, being either original or simply continuations of well-loved stories. Fire Force is the good-old shounen anime, executed very, very well.



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