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As good as an isekai can be

Okay… So, these have been six fulfilling first episodes. Let’s not beat around the bush. Most of us have been waiting for the second season of Re:Zero for a while so it’s more than likely that you, the reader of this post, have kept up with the latest Re:Zero developments. In case you haven’t, then fear not. I won’t go into any details about the story. I know some of you would rather binge-watch the whole thing after it finishes airing. So no spoilers.

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Echidna (source)

What I will do however is simply praise this new season for being a worthy continuation of its tremendous predecessor. Certainly, as with most second seasons, there may have been some slight concerns on my part. You can never be sure if the second season will turn out as good as the first one. Thankfully, in this case so far so good. It is definitely pleasing to see that Re:Zero was not just some fluke or animated happenstance but in fact a coordinated and calculated creative achievement.

“But it’s just another isekai”

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Subaru and his dad (source)

No. It isn’t. We are well past that point really. Yes, it is an isekai but it might just be the best this genre can possibly offer. Following certain recent events in the story, it is clear that Re:Zero is a wonderful piece of storytelling worthy of all the adoration it has received. The characters, the plot, the world building all serve a purpose and that is storytelling. Unfortunately, other anime that share the same genre can be a bit… bad. They might provide some sort of entertainment but at the end of the day most of them are pretty unimaginative.

Yes, you would be right in arguing that Re:Zero is not all that original either. Perhaps at a glance you might mistake it for a Groundhog Day inspired isekai. A good idea but not enough its own. So, why is it good? Because Subaru feels real. The other characters feel real. Their actions feel real. By having Subaru make choices and mess up (i.e. get killed) only to loop back and try all over again, he is faced with his actions instead of simply progressing with the story Deus ex machina style. He is not your average isekai hero, that’s for sure. That is a good thing.

Re:Zero, in my eyes at least, is not just another isekai. It’s a psychological thriller. One that has once again managed to impress and captivate me. The work that’s been put into it is commendable and the story keeps getting better with each episode.



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