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Disclaimer: There might be spoilers and strong language ahead

We’ve just crossed the halfway point on our Murenase! Seton Gakuen journey and all in all, it has been a pretty pleasant experience. This anime is not trying to be mentally or emotionally engaging in any meaningful way. What it aims to do is to provide some laughs through its absurd characters. That is its simple purpose. Comedy.

Miyubi dead
When Miyubi’s ‘dying’ skill is over 8000… (source)

Comedy is definitely the cornerstone of this anime but humour is subjective. Most of the time, successful comedies choose more basic and relatable concepts such as romance or the struggles of daily life as the backbone of the their stories. Having a relatable character or setting helps the audience connect with what is happening on screen. Seton Academy’s setting is unlikely to be relatable for anyone but that is not the point. The point is the absurdity of the situation. This anime throws us in a weird world where anthropomorphic animals run amok and humans are a rare species.

With a concept like that and with the sole intention of this anime being to provide some laughs, judging it as if it was -let’s say- Beastars would simply be unfair. The reason I am mentioning Beastars is because I’ve come across some inexplicable things online where people bash Seton because it has ‘animals’ but its nowhere near as good as Beastars or something along those lines… People, come on! There is no doubt that one is better than the other but there should not have been any comparison between the two in the first place. Apples and oranges. They have totally different agendas. Can we really not differentiate between social commentary and silly poop jokes just because both anime feature talking animals? I hope not.

Koala about to eat something disgusting, food is pixelated
You might assume that this is the face of disgust. Think again… (source)

Nonetheless, on the question of how successful Seton Academy is at what it set out to do, there can’t be an easy answer. With its comedy being pretty simple-minded and childish, it is understandable that some people don’t like it. Most of its comedic arsenal is made up of animal related factoids (obviously), slapstick and recurring jokes such as Miyubi’s frequent yet untimely deaths and the occasional poop joke, thrown in there for good measure. Hence, if you are not keen on the whole zoology trivia and toilet humour deal then this isn’t for you. However if you are up for some immature jokes, then Seton Gakuen will not disappoint. Every episode feels packed and there has not been a dull moment as of yet. The characters, as well as their interactions are very entertaining. The animation is vibrant, the voice acting is brilliant and the directing manages to bring the whole thing together. What I find good about this anime is that there are so many things going on and so many characters appearing on screen that even if you, let’s say, don’t care much for Ranka (chibi overly-attached wolf) you can still appreciate Jin and his tsundere-ness or any other character.

Jin walking Ranka on a leash, other students are staring
Jin walking his dog… (source)

To sum it up, Murenase! Seton Gakuen is a childish comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously and neither should you. However, the work that has been put into it is clearly noticeable. At least the way I see it, the people that made this anime had fun making it. It is by no means a show without faults but it is still enjoyable and that is good enough. I love a good ‘quality’ anime just as much as any fellow otaku but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a simple, less demanding series as well. I have been looking forward to every new episode of Seton Academy and I will unapologetically keep doing so.

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