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How many changes of clothes does this guy go through each day?

Watching Dokyuu Hentai HxEros is not extremely demanding, to say the very least. Story-wise, the whole thing could be summarized on a napkin but -let’s be honest- this is not the point of this anime, is it? You see, some anime incorporate fan-service and ecchi scenes just to please the fans, maybe create a buzz, perhaps even sell a few figures. The ecchi is not the point, it’s just a feature. In this case, the ecchi is the whole point.

Although it’s not written on a napkin, here’s a basic summary. Aliens attack Earth by removing the libido (the H energy) of mankind, which is obviously bad and those called upon to protect said libidos are the pervert Power Rangers, aka the HxEros team. Being an anime, the team members are made up of high-schoolers, something that is justified by saying that teenagers have hormones to spare and hence have higher ‘H energy’ to fight the aliens… As I said, and in case you haven’t figured it out by now, the story has the structural rigidity of an over-cooked noodle. Speaking of wet and floppy things, it is clear that the point of the plot is to create scenes that could accommodate all the ecchi-ness. If we’re talking about that, then SUPER HxEros would be well worth your time. Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen so many Deus Ex Machina perverted moments, each and every one of course gracefully censored by the traditional light of censorship. It’s as if the creators of this family unfriendly anime have taken up the challenge to cover all the types of ecchi/kink they could get away with. We have vanilla stuff, we have yuri, we have tentacles and we’ve only reached episode 4. Also, what’s up with that dog?

female, blonde, short hair, in a room, holds-stares at recorder (music instrument)
Yes, that’s a sex thing. (source)

This is not an amazing series. It will not keep you at the edge of your seat and you probably won’t remember half of what you saw. Chances are you don’t really care about that anyway. Chances are that the main reason you chose to watch this is the ecchi. SUPER HxEROS definitely delivers. So, in case you’re wondering if it’s worth your time, I would say that after 4 episodes, this anime has done a very good job at providing plenty of fan-service. The animators at least have been very attentive and thorough, if you catch my drift. However, if you’re considering watching this for the comedy or the action, or any other reason really, then you will probably be disappointed.

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