The initials of Virtual Studio Technology. In broad terms, you have stuff in your computer that you don’t actually have in real life. It takes significantly less space than the…

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Voice type

A classification of female and male voices according to their ranges. Male (from low to high): bass, baritone, tenor, countertenor. Female (from low to high): contralto, mezzo-soprano, soprano.

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An ‘unusual’ grouping of notes within a bar. For instance, notes are grouped in twos or in fours within bars in 4/4 (that would be the time signature where there…

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As in our voices. The sounds we produce when we speak, when we sing, when we sigh, when we exclaim… Animals also have voices. And yes, animals do speak… I should…

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Two sources playing the exact same note, in the same octave. When we say that two instruments play in unison, we mean that both instruments play exactly the same music…

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Vocal cords

The source of our voices. They are mucus membranes that are located in our larynges that open and close fast to produce sounds.

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Twelve-bar blues

In its original form, it’s a really, really, really common chord progression. It’s not just about the blues. In altered versions, it can also be used in pop and rock.…

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A verse to music is what a stanza is to poetry. It’s one of the two main parts that make up a song. It’s not what’s repeated, it’s the chorus’…

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