Think of chords but instead play each note individually in ascending order. For instance, an arpeggio in C major would have the same notes as the C major chord, but…

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Augmented interval

Typically the interval between the tonic and the fourth, fifth or eighth degrees of the scale, plus a semitone. We can also have an augmented third (it’s basically a perfect fourth, but…

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Augmented fifth

It’s a perfect fifth that has gotten bigger. Either the low note goes a bit lower or the top note goes a bit higher, thus making the interval bigger.

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Augmented chord

Similar to the diminished chord, we also have the augmented chord. (surprise, surprise!) So we have two major thirds stacked on top of one another. The interval between the first and…

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Audio track

Let’s visualize something. We have person A who is speaking and person B who is writing down on a notebook whatever person A is saying. The notebook is more or…

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Audio channel

Audio channel is the signal that is produced by a source of sound. It’s easier than it sounds (yeah, I know... pun). Think of a person speaking. The audio signal…

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Similar to speech, we articulate notes just like we articulate consonants. How should we produce a certain sound? Should it be staccato [detached]? Should it be marcato [marked]? Should it…

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Think of arrangement as ‘who is playing what’. When arranging a music composition, not only do you select the instrument in which each part is going to be performed on,…

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Anime + song. It’s the music featured in anime. You may also come across anison instead, which I believe is the transliteration from katakana. Weeb-up people!

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A scholarly acceptable (aka classy) way to say that a music scale does not have any semitones in it. Also, see hemitonic.

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