Bass line

It has always been about that bass. In counterpoint, the bass line is the lowest voice. It acts as the foundation of the harmony.

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Our hearts beat and so does music. It’s a unit of time, just like seconds. However, beats can be shorter, longer or have the same duration as seconds do. There…

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Beats per minute (BPM)

It’s what mph is to speed. The only thing is that you won’t be counting how many miles you can travel within an hour. You will be counting how many…

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Brass instruments

Wind instruments. Their sound usually comes from the lips of the performer that vibrate to produce a tone. Common instrument: trumpet.

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Bridges unite verses and choruses, just like real-life structural bridges unite land. Same principle. Bridges are small segments of music that are used to tie larger segments of music together and…

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They also answer to ‘measures’. Depending on the time signature, bars contain a certain number of beats in them. It’s a practical thing. We put music into boxes that do…

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