First inversion

If we have a triad, let’s say A-C-E, so 1-3-5, its first inversion will be 3-5-1, so C-E-A. That’s the first, the third and the fifth degrees of the scale, in…

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In music it’s a flat, not a lowercase ‘B’, although I keep writing it as a ‘b’ in my posts (don’t blame me, it’s just faster)… Symbol: ♭. It’s a…

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Flute instruments

A subcategory of woodwinds that belongs in the wind instrument family. The sound is produced by the flow of the air within the instrument.

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Think of multi-layered cakes. What is their structure? Let’s think of a cake that is made up of the sponge, the frosting and some jam. Now, let’s start layering from…

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They are frequencies that resonate because of the shape of our voice articulators. The different sounds we produce have different frequencies, even though we may be maintaining the same base…

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It shows how often a periodic phenomenon occurs during a certain amount of time. It’s counted in Hertz (Hz). All sounds have a frequency. Deep sounds have low frequencies and…

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Also known as fuga. Polyphonic music written for a keyboard instrument. It usually comes after a toccata or a prelude.

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