Hertz (Hz)

A unit that counts how often a periodic phenomenon occurs in a certain amount of time. It’s counted in repetitions per second. Similar to RPM (rounds per minute), where time…

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Aka hiphop. Yes, you can skip the hyphen, although I don’t like how it looks like this. It’s more of a movement rather than just a music genre, as it…

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Now, this is a treat for me. It has music, mathematics and physics, all in one big bite. Let’s imagine an electric guitar (it’s easier, as its sound is amplified,…

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Pythagoras is to blame for this one. It’s him who demonstrated the relation between the fractions of a string and the intervals of the notes. So, harmony is when we produce…

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Head voice

The counterpart of the chest voice. Think of a soprano singing an opera or something else high pitched. That’s the head voice. The quality of the sound we make using…

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Hearing range

It’s the range of sounds that can be heard by humans or other animals. Different species have different hearing ranges.

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A scholarly acceptable (aka classy) way to say that a music scale has one or more semitones in it. Also, see anhemitonic.

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