A movement that’s really the opening act of the main event. Usually, it comes before a fugue.

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Power ballad

Emotional ballads. Songs written in a slow tempo that convey strong emotions. Usually accompanied by instruments used in pop and rock music.

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Polyphonic music

‘Poly’ is many and ‘phony’ is voice. So it’s music written for more than one voice. Back when monophonic music was a thing, it was like saying ‘Let’s perform two…

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Lit.: to pinch. It’s when we pinch or pluck the strings of bowed string instruments (like the violin), instead of using the bow.

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Pitched percussion instruments

Percussion instruments that have distinguishable pitches. Drums and instruments like the xylophone or the glockenspiel can produce sounds with identifiable pitches.

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Think of a piano keyboard. The pitch isn’t just the name of the note. It’s where it’s located on the keyboard. Is it towards right or left? So, technically, it’s…

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Just like a phrase in English, a music phrase is a series of notes that express an idea. Phrases are not complete on their own, as we need more than…

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Perfect pitch

It’s like watching colors and recognizing them. There’s no trick to it. It’s just the ability to recognize any given pitch without a reference note. You just listen to a tone…

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Perfect interval

The most consonant of intervals. It’s easy. If you can find your interval in minor scales and in major scales, it’s a perfect interval. See major interval and minor interval.

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