Rests are intervals of silence. They have different durations, as notes have, so that we know how long… well, how long we should keep it shut.

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Rhythm is the flow. It is related to a number of variables. The tempo, the beat, the time signature, the performer’s interpretation and of course, the rhythmic sequence (or the…

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A small music phrase that is repeated throughout a song consisting mainly on rhythmic elements. “Smoke on the Water” has one of the most famous guitar riffs.

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Root position

Here, we’re interested in which note is on top of the other within a chord. If we have a triad in root position, let’s say A-C-E, its root position will be 1-3-5.…

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Reed instruments

A subcategory of woodwinds. Reed instruments belong in the wind instrument family. The air is blown through a reed that vibrates to produce a sound.

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It means ‘to repeat’. A term used in poetry. It’s the repetition of a small part of a song’s lyrics in order to make the audience remember it. This term…

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Very bluntly, it can be related to our hearing range or the range of an instrument or voice. If we say ‘in the upper register’ we mean that it has a high pitch.…

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Relative pitch

Similar to perfect pitch, you can recognize a note given that you have a reference note first. So, instead of listening to a tone and immediately go ‘It’s a G’,…

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Dissonant chords tend to be resolved to consonant chords… or dissonant chords tend to be resolved into less dissonant chords. Usually, unstable sounds resolve into more stable sounds to indicate the end of…

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