Sound effects

Artificially created, enhanced or altered sounds. Technically, you use a program to see the sound wave and then mess with it.

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Sound mixing

Also audio mixing. It’s when we mix many sounds together. Let’s say that we have different tracks of audio and we want to listen to everything at the same time.…

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One of the ways that make a composition interesting. Anticipation makes the composition exciting. So, a note is delayed and is heard in a less interesting beat to create tension.

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The music tracks of motion pictures (aka film). That’s the number of compositions used in film. Soundtracks can either be original or they can consist of tracks and songs that have already…

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Species of counterpoint

Now this one has a bigger bite to it than the rest, but is still quite straightforward. You have a pre-existing cantus firmus, aka given melody. And then, you have…

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Lit.: separated. It’s an articulation mark. It’s when a note is interrupted slightly before resonating for its whole duration. It’s like skipping instead of walking, or better, it’s like a horse…

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The music stave. Think of a notebook that has lines so that we write straight. Something similar is the music stave. It has five lines now but it but it…

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