Let’s increase our appetite a bit and think about pizzas, pies or cakes -whichever works better for you. For the record, I’m picking pizza. Let it be an Italian thin, pizza margherita. So, time signature is a fraction that indicates how many beats there are within a bar of music and what their duration would be. For example, a 4/4 time signature would mean that we take a pizza, cut it into 4 equal slices and use all of them. Now, let’s place them one next to the other; the first beat is the first slice of pizza, the second beat is the second slice of pizza and so on. So, each bar in 4/4 contains 4 slices of pizza and each slice is 1/4 of the entire pizza. A 3/8 time signature would be so wasteful, as we would be cutting a pizza into 8 equal pieces and use only 3 of them. In this case, one bar would have three eighths of a pizza. You get it now… Don’t waste food, people. (I channeled my inner Charmy Pappitson)