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Nanatsu no Taizai hasn’t aired just yet in the West. We’ll have to wait a bit more. Though we have learned a few things since its premiere on Oct 9th. Now, it’s Studio Deen, not A-1 Pictures. So, we have a different staff working on this season. A different director making the decisions and clearly, a different tie-up artist stealing the spotlight.

Truth is that the staff of the new studio had to make a choice. Would they follow the footsteps of the previous studio’s staff? Or would they make the show suit them better? In case of the latter, there will be a transition period as we will need to re-adapt. We may prefer the new approach. We may keep watching in the hopes of… Or we may as well drop the show altogether, if we really get disappointed. I’ve been there and I hope that I won’t visit Disappoint-ville again anytime soon…

I’ve come across the OP. The first few seconds seemed fine. The first 10 seconds. Yes. 10. Just 10 seconds. And then, as soon as the sound wave with the vocals knocked on my eardrum, it was like puberty started knocking on my front door. I began watching blue flames. I had a Blue Exorcist flashback. ‘Yelling’ vocals, alterations between highs and lows in the endings of the melodic phrases, too much drumming, unnecessarily loud without really ‘saying’ anything. I was overwhelmed. And the visuals didn’t help either. Hawk-chan’s earring was the starting point -yes, the earring of a buta [pig]-, everyone looked back at me with a crooked eye, Ban turned into a housewife, Elizabeth kinda showed she turned bipolar and we only got to see 9 Commandments.

Of course, I leave some room for error. I’m not giving the entire anime a death penalty just yet. The story may have evolved to a point where crazy action is all we need. Maybe things became a little too tense. Maybe it’s time to look into the future rather than meddle with the past. No matter, I’m just speculating. Obviously, I’ll have to watch a few episodes before deciding if the new artistic choices have to do with the plot or with the studio. Truth is, I’m disappointed. I wasn’t expecting that, but I didn’t have my hopes up either.

On the bright side… The song has what it takes to become popular. I won’t lie. It’s catchy. Leave Nanatsu no Taizai out of this. And listen to the song. It’s good on its own.

Maybe our high expectations are what ruined it for us. After all, UVERworld is a successful band. It’s just that they have an identifiable sound. It may be good. It may be bad. We can’t really tell just yet.

In short…

  • The OP doesn’t really fit the setting as we know it or the broader atmosphere of the anime. I don’t think it represents the show.
  • It takes a hard shounen turn, rather than showing some character development.
  • The sound would work just as well -if not better- with Blue Exorcist.
  • First impressions: not so good.
  • Being familiar with the sound of UVERworld, I can assume that there will be action. However, I can also assume that it may not have good build-ups, unlike the previous seasons.
  • The lyrics are generic. They could work with a number of different anime- adventure, isekai, action, shounen… It’s a bit too generic. Just have a read while thinking of Dr. Stone’s story. It suits nicely, no?

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