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Two children made a promise quite some time ago: to name an asteroid after Ao. There was this misunderstanding where Mira thought that Ao was a boy… But that was sorted after their reunion at their high-school’s earth science club. I know… it has to be one of the lamest ways of putting it, but that’s what it is… Yeah, read PaperSailor’s article. To the Opening, then!

DISCLAIMER: May contain spoilers ahead. May also contain eggs, milk, soy, nuts and the tears of your enemies.

The Opening Theme. An old promise. “Aruite Ikou!” by Touyama Nao

Watch the short version and discover more on Touyama Nao’s YouTube channel.

We know this sound. It screams “slice of life”. It’s so heart warming, close to the melting point. Should I also say romantic? The music most definitely hints that. The anime? I’m not so sure yet… All I keep wondering is when we’ll think “dem feels though” and what kind of twist there’s going to be.

Touyama Nao, dark hair, white brick background, white dress
Voice actress, singer Touyama Nao (source)

It’s such a cute intro and Touyama’s soothing voice only makes it better. Who would have thought that Kanon Nakagawa’s voice actor (that’s the pink haired idol, my favorite supporting character FYI) from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai would be the opening theme artist of Koisuru Asteroid. I can’t wait to listen to the full version.

Find Touyama Nao here:
Official Website // Official Page on Flying Dog // Official Profile on Intention Agency // Twitter // Line Blog // YouTube

OST first impressions. by Iga Takurou

Iga Takurou, black hat and clothes, holds a melodica, purple background
Composer, arranger, pianist Iga Takurou (source)

In soft and cute stories like this one, not having to say much about the soundtrack is a good thing. Asteroid in Love wouldn’t work well with a soundtrack that has a lot to say, with a number of unique and different tracks that catch the viewers’ attention. It’s a pleasant soundtrack that falls towards the utilitarian end. It does shine just for a few instances, but remains in the background for the most part. It has been used nicely throughout but most importantly, it conveys all the right information and emotions. It’s the sort of ‘shy’ gem of the show.

Find Iga Takurou here:
Official Website // Official Page on Music Production Company Shangri-la // Blog

The Ending Theme. A future set by the ‘dots’ in the sky. “Yozora” by Suzuki Minori

Watch the short version and discover more on Suzuki Minori’s YouTube channel.

Classic sound of an ending theme ballad with quite a few hints of melancholy. I really enjoyed the turn at 0:23, as I felt that this is what differentiates it from other endings of this type. It has quite a few interesting turns, while being faithful to the classic J-pop structure.

Suzuki Minori, brunette, long dress, setting looks like starry sky
Voice actress, singer Suzuki Minori (source)

I really like the development of the song from calm to dynamic and then back to calm. And although its sound profile is quite mainstream, it hits all the right spots. Perhaps to the point where the ending may have as big of an impact as the opening.

Find Suzuki Minori here:
Official Webpage on e-Stone Music // Official Page on JVC Music // Twitter // YouTube


  • Soothing OP with a bright twist.
  • Calm ED with a melancholic note.
  • An OST that stays in the background but hits all the right buttons of our subconscious.



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