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What a title… I’d like to see how BOFURI turns out, as I have started watching it… but I’m not that into it. I don’t get how the character thinks, so I can’t really seem to empathize with what’s happening.

DISCLAIMER: May contain spoilers ahead. May also contain eggs, milk, soy, nuts and the tears of your enemies.

And what the actual [missing word here]? Why would she eat the hydra? Next time, she could try tickling her enemies so that they die of excessive laughter…

The Opening Theme. An uncommon outro. “Kyuukoku Unbalance” by Afilia Saga

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It’s been a while since I watched the first episode of BOFURI. So, I had to listen to the OP again… My reaction? ‘Pfff…’ The last few seconds of the OP annoy me quite a bit. The entire song is composed with a light and kinda weak idea and the outro finishes off with a question.

I don’t want to get you guys too deep into the terminology of harmony. Usually songs end with a progression V-I, which is the most common way to say that a song is over. Songs can also end with other harmonic progressions. The thing is that we don’t think of them as ‘perfect’ ways to end a piece, as they leave us with the sense that the composition is incomplete, or that there should be something that follows after. It’s something similar to Nightmare on Elm Street, where Freddy appears during the last scene of every single movie, as in ‘it isn’t over’.

10 members, female, nun-like clothing
All-female vocal group Afilia Saga (source)

Although the opening suits the anime, I don’t really feel that the OP’s last seconds suit the song itself. I don’t feel like the song progresses in a way that makes sense for the song itself. And as I cannot relate to the character, I cannot see why a song filled with cliché sounds and progressions uses a cadence different than the usual one. Maybe that would have been way too predictable, so the Bm-F# chords were used as the song’s highlight.

I also found the melodic line on the awkward/uninteresting side of the spectrum and the filler tracks quite dull. Don’t get me wrong. My comments don’t have to do with Afilia Saga themselves. They have catchier songs that suit them way better than this one. My main issue is that it’s shallow. The playfulness of the vocal unit didn’t come through and hence, I felt like they lost their identity with this tie-up.

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OST first impressions. by Masuda Tarou

Masuda Taro, plays violin, right hand holding bow up, black shirt, dark sunglasses
Violinist, composer Masuda Tarou (source)

I enjoyed the more laid back tracks that utilize the lower and mid register. A nice highlight was the ambience that creates a good sound profile in the background. The classical developmental technique paired rather well with the electronic instrumentation in the scene featuring usagi-san [Mr. rabbit]. Another interesting pairing were the synth sounds with the SFX that seemed to work nicely together.

Yet another nice duet was heard during the scene where many monsters surrounded our protagonist. She had no idea that she was attacked, which was supposed to be a funny scene. I’m saying ‘supposed’ because I didn’t laugh, even though the music was humorous. So, although I said ‘duet’ it’s more of a progression. Music: humor → action.

But above everything else is the track we listened to when Mrs. 1km/h entered the smith’s shop. I found it quite smart that its time signature was in 3/4, as it instantly stood out.

All in all, it’s a OST that utilizes classic developmental techniques, while trying to keep a light profile, mainly as far as the instrumentation is concerned.

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The Ending Theme. A pleasant goodbye. “Play the World” by Sasaki Riko

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This seems to show the clumsiness of our protagonists. It’s nice, pleasant and upbeat. The first time I listened to it I thought that it could have been an opening theme of another anime.

holds bouquet of roses, pink background, white top, blue denim vest
Actress, seiyuu, singer Sasaki Riko (source)

The arrangement and the layering seems to be better when compared to the opening theme. It has a nice and catchy melody which makes me think that perhaps there was more work put into it.

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Generally speaking…

I didn’t feel like the game mechanics worked all that well. I haven’t played games where you can level up in such a rate nor being graciously given a number of special skills right off the bat. But maybe, that’s only me.


  • The opening theme is the façade of the anime. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed from the OP the first time I listened to it nor was I impressed by episode 1.
  • I wouldn’t go the extra mile and wait for episodes to air on a weekly basis.
  • The OP gets better after listening to it a couple of times but to me it still remains kinda awkward.
  • The OST is light and humorous at times and up until this point, it heavily features electronic instruments.
  • I prefer the ED over the OP.



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