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Although writing about my first impressions on the currently airing anime isn’t in my jurisdiction -lol-, let me start off by saying how much I enjoyed the first episode of season 3. I felt the same amount of enjoyment I did when I watched the first season. Now, the Sword Oratoria side story and the second season weren’t really my cup of tea but this season seems promising enough. So, yay for that.

The Opening Theme. Gave me some strong SAO vibes. “over and over” by Iguchi Yuka

Discover more on Iguchi Yuka’s YouTube channel.

Sure, each Danmachi OP is atmospheric and all but they all have a common denominator. No, it’s not the OP artist, Iguchi Yuka. The common denomintor is that all Danmachi OPs have this vibe that is synonymous with all those trashy fantasy anime.

woman, sitting, leans forward, elbow touches knee, palm touches cheek, light background
Japanese voice actress, singer, Iguchi Yuka (source)

The bright side is that each one is different enough while maintaining the core elements of the style. The even brighter side is that although they are OPs of trashy fantasy anime, they are high end. Unquestionably. That being said, I don’t know what else there is to say about it. Perhaps only that its vibe has some mysterious twists thrown here and there that are cloaked by the soap opera-y type of anisong.

Find Iguchi Yuka here:
Official Page on Warner Bros. Japan // Twitter // YouTube

OST first impressions. by Inai Keiji

man, sits, computer screen, black cardigan, blurred background, in a dark room
Arranger, composer and orchestrator, Inai Keiji (source)

Strong opening scene. I really liked the use of cello coupled with the narrator. It got us hooked from the very first minute and the soundtrack started strong without being too eager, too loud or too descriptive. It helped set the right mood and the transition period the viewer needed to become fully immersed in the story was short. Well played.

The string section is the foundation of an orchestra as it’s able to cover a broad part of the register, it can have many parts that play different things but more importantly, it has a good range in two important aspects: timbre and dynamics. All that combined make it possible to convey different emotions and become that special something of a certain character or place. That’s what happened with Wiene; it’s how she has been introduced to us.

All in all, I enjoy the soundtrack. It’s atmospheric, the instrumentation is clever, a number of techniques have been nicely implemented, there is enough development to keep the viewers hooked but not mess with what’s happening on the screen. Again, really well done. Other than the obvious, ie the concept of the story, the voice acting, the animation and the directing, the OST is what made the first episode so enjoyable.

Extra bit of factual info:
Inai Keiji composed the soundtrack for The Misfit of Demon King Academy, an OK anime that became better because of its soundtrack.

Find Inai Keiji here:
Official Webpage on Imagine Music // Twitter

The Ending Theme. A dungeon-related fantasy anime? Huh? “Evergreen” by sajou no hana

Discover more on sajou no hana’s YouTube channel.

Isn’t that a surprise. If I listened to the ED and didn’t know that it was a Danmachi tie-up, I wouldn’t have guessed that it was. However, it does match the last scene of the second episode nicely. It is quite playful yet melancholic and its playfulness is maintained up until and during the chorus. It’s as if this song was written for a slice of life anime. Well, Hestia’s butt needs to take up 10 full seconds of screen time, obviously. Gosh, wow.

3 members, standing, outdoors, trees are background, high brightness
Three-piece band sajou no hana (source)

Extra comment:
Visuals excluded, this ED makes me more eager to follow Danmachi, as it gave me hints about the probable turn of events. If you’re wondering what kind of hints, I’d say that it’s likely going to be something that will have an impact to the world as the characters know it. BUT! I haven’t read the source material, so don’t take my word for it…

Find sajou no hana here:
Official Page on Warner Bros. Japan // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // YouTube


  • Same artist, usual OP vibe
  • Really enjoyable soundtrack that sets the mood beautifully and utilizes clever instrumentation and orchestration techniques
  • Unexpected ED with a slice of life character



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