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In case you haven’t read the anime description, don’t jump ahead and think that it’s a “trapped within a game or an electronic device” scenario and scratch it off your to-watch anime list. It may seem like one, but it doesn’t fall into that category. There’s this ultra-detective that dives into the subconsciousness of others? Not sure if I phrased that properly, so do check PaperSailor’s first impressions article for more on the plot.

DISCLAIMER: May contain spoilers ahead. May also contain eggs, milk, soy, nuts and the tears of your enemies.

The Opening Theme. An identity crisis. “Mister Fixer” by Sou

I won’t lie. The OST and the ED have this extra zealousness that the opening theme lacked. At first, I thought of it like just another OP, although I enjoy Sou’s sound. Sure, it has a few characteristics that stand out but you’d have to listen to it more than once to start getting into it.

Sou's profile picture, drawn, grayscale, covers mouth with both hands
Sou’s pic of choice (source)

It does match the style of the OST, as in it has this contrast between ‘interrupted’ sounds and sounds with more duration. OP theme’s landmark: piano arpeggios and kinda off-beat rhythmic patterns in the drums.

Find Sou here:
Official Website // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

OST first impressions. by U/S

The soundtrack is meant to lure you into the story, perhaps by dramatizing too eagerly whatever’s happening on the screen. Here, again, we have nice tracks with prominent, heavily repeated and slightly altered sequences that almost remind us of Hollywood action movies. I mostly enjoyed the use of the entire register, especially during the scene before the main character opened the door to see the victim he was investigating. Another highlight was the insert song that started off as a drum ‘n’ bass track. In case you didn’t notice it, we were listening to it during the first ‘action’ scene. As I saw on the ID: Invaded official website, MIYAVI is responsible not only for the ending theme but for quite a few insert songs featured in a number of episodes. So, it’s only logical to say that MIYAVI’s sound has been made into an important part of the ID: Invaded aural profile.

Find Slavomir Stanislaw Kowalewski here:
Official Website // Facebook // YouTube

Find Umebori Atsushi here:
Official Website // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // YouTube

The Ending Theme. Thief of the spotlight. “Other Side” by MIYAVI

Discover more on MIYAVI’s YouTube channel.

This is one of the cases where the ED could as well be the OP theme. Especially if the accompaniment of the first 30 seconds was altered a bit to show a more prominent dynamic progression leading to the climax. It is a lot more interesting and thus, a lot more memorable when compared to its counterpart, the opening theme.

MIYAVI, dark clothes, white electric guitar, covers mouth with right hand
Guitarist, singer/songwriter, record producer, actor MIYAVI, aka Ishihara Takamasa (source)

But, as it’s the ending theme, I have to say that it definitely packs a punch. What I enjoyed the most was the main idea that was purposely composed for the lower register and was coupled with these energetic “I’ll see you on the other side” vocals.

Find MIYAVI here:
Official Website // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // YouTube


  • Didn’t like the predictability of the OP.
  • OP was not as dynamic as it could have been.
  • Really nice and memorable ED. With some tweaks, it could have made a kick-ass OP.
  • Nice soundtrack, almost westernized.



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