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Let’s start off with some small talk, shall we? And let’s get one thing straight. No matter how hentai men may think they are, women are a different kind of beast… In this case, the hentai is obviously, undoubtedly, unmistakably the female main character, Hoshino-san. She erected her defenses -alright- but we know the reason behind the ‘new-found’ tsundere-ness…

The Opening Theme. Wouldn’t even cross my mind. “Wake Up HxERO! feat. Enjou Retto (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)” by HXEROS SYNDROMES

CGI of 3 anthropomorphic creatures, text "BURNOUT SYNDROMES HXEROS SYNDROMES"
Special unit HXEROS SYNDROMES – produced by BURNOUT SYNDROMES (source)

I won’t lie here, I won’t try to be impartial; I’ll be clear right off the bat. I like the BURNOUT SYNDROMES. I like how energetic their sound is, how they manage to arrange their songs while concealing the drawbacks and revealing the advantages of three-piece rock bands. I just like their dynamism as a music group and I enjoy listening to their signature sound. That being said, I would have never guessed that the HxEROS SYNDROMES would make it to the ‘hentai’ realm. I would have never guessed that this trio would musically characterize ecchi. Never. But if you think that it’s a shounen, if you consider that Matusoka Yoshitsugu (who also acts Kirito from SAO, btw), the seiyuu portraying the main character is featured in this OP theme, if you think that the whole concept of the introductory sequence has influences from the 90s, then it all makes sense. It’s something like a stylistic choice combined with a form of sarcasm -perhaps- and a hint of dark humor… Not great, but it works.

P.S.: I like Dr. Stone, I like science, I like the band. Don’t badmouth the artists who worked on the project, capiche?

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Find Matsuoka Yoshitsugu here:
Official Page on I’m Enterprise

OST first impressions. by Gin (BUSTED ROSE)

I mean… just think about the setting a bit. We’re talking about a bunch of high-schoolers who are fighting aliens with their sexual prowess… That’s definitely interesting enough for a short session of “Wtf am I watching (゜。゜) ?” Mostly there are the laughs and the music expresses that, there are a couple of fight scenes that are pleasant to watch but nothing much and a whole lot of hentai (not entirely sure how it’s portrayed through the music, btw… but the soundtrack seems to do the trick). I don’t mean to demean anybody’s work, but it is what it is. Don’t have big expectations or anything… and no, I’m not talking here about the music alone.

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Official Website

The Ending Theme. The tsundere hentai anthem. “Lost emotion” by Hoshino Kirara (CV: Kakuma Ai)

young woman, smiling, brunette, brown eyes, white top, white background
Voice actress, Kakuma Ai (source)

Hmmm… How should I approach this? It’s not meant to mean much. The ED theme features the voice actress who voices the childhood friend of our main character. Musically, it follows a soft version of some classic J-core, aka an EDM subgenre that comes from the land of the rising sun… It’s upbeat, refreshing with a bunch of electronic sounds and female vocals that at times resemble nursery rhymes. Yes, I’m referring to the chorus section here…

Find Kakuma Ai here:
Official Page on Mausu Promotion // Twitter


  • Kinda odd OP, with a lot of 90s vibes; not sure if stylistic choice or humorous.
  • OST that’s useful, descriptive and accompanies the visuals rather well.
  • Japanese EDM ED. Not bad nor a masterpiece either; it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.



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