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Rather than starting off with an introduction about the anime, I’d rather dedicate a few lines to the voice actor who plays Anos Voldigoad. Suzuki Tatsuhisa is one of the male voice actors I have come to appreciate, as I like both his voice and how he colors it. In case you don’t know who he is, think of Nase Hiroomi from Kyoukai no Kanata, Sakamoto Yuuji from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and Ban from Nanatsu no Taizai. That’s him. But that’s not all. He’s also the singer of the rock band OLDCODEX. Again, if we’re mentioning anime tie-ups, we’d be talking about Kuroko no Basket, God Eater and Servamp among others. In case that’s not enough, get this last bit of factual information: Suzuki got married to LiSA this past January. Yes, the same LiSA from the Fate series, Sword Art Online and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

So, if you’re wondering why this intro, you’ll find out soon enough…

The Opening Theme. Can’t get it off my mind. “Seikai Fuseikai” by CIVILIAN

Discover more on CIVILIAN’s official YouTube channel.

We’ve all had our fair share of earworms… I’m definitely not an exception. Random songs keep playing on and on in my head. I have a few moments of peace and quiet throughout the day but my brain trolls me so hard, it starts playing again where it left off. I may alternate between two or three songs per session but the worst is that they are on repeat. The past few days, I’ve been ‘hearing’ Maou Gakuin’s OP theme, even though I haven’t actually listened to it more than 4 times, ie. once per episode.

3 men, underground passage, trees are background, dark colours with not much hue
Three-piece rock band, CIVILIAN (source)

Good. Now, if you’d excuse me for a few minutes to have a break and listen to it again…

Yes, it’s this kind of J-rock, written in a fast tempo, heavily influenced by alternative rock with a more melodic chorus section. I’ll be frank. As a concept, this song is nice, it has an up to par conventional arrangement. I like how during the pre-chorus we have lighter drumming but there’s just one thing I can’t get over: the mixing and mastering. Something is really off with the vocals track, especially during the chorus. It’s like it was inserted raw on top of the other tracks and was left as is. It needed some processing, some tweaking, some form of treatment to mellow out the singer’s ‘piercing’ vocal timbre. What was that all about?

man, black shirt, leans forward, sits, arms crossed, chin touches arms, grayscale
Male voice actor and singer, Suzuki Tatsuhisa (source)

Now… The bonus part. Episode 4 had a little surprise for us. Honestly, I completely missed it. I just thought “Has the OP gotten better or have I started getting used to it?”. Then PaperSailor was like “Is someone else singing the OP or is it just me?”. I didn’t really bother at the time but then, it hit us. It was Suzuki Tatsuhisa, the singer and seiyuu who voices Anos Voldigoad. What a smart little addition. Isn’t that some attention to detail…

Find CIVILIAN here:
Official Website // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

Find Suzuki Tatsuhisa here:
Official Website // Twitter // Instagram

OST first impressions. pleasantly surprised. by Inai Keiji

man, sits, computer screen, black cardigan, blurred background, in a dark room
Arranger, composer and orchestrator, Inai Keiji (source)

I mean… first episodes always try to be grandiose and sometimes become a bit misleading instead. When I watched Maou Gakuin’s first episode, I didn’t pay that much attention to the soundtrack. The overall sense I got from the anime was that it was ok, pleasant to watch, et cetera et cetera. But there was this one scene on Episode 2, where the Anos dude was sitting on his throne. The soundtrack was blended really nicely and it was featured so profoundly that immediately upped the anime’s production value. From that point onward, I knew that The Misfit of Demon King Academy didn’t just try to be another one of this type of anime; it aimed to be better and it succeeded.

The music is not always an accurate way to judge the quantity and quality of work put in a production. We all have come across quality visuals with hideous music as well as bad visuals with quality music. In this case, the one complements the other. The soundtrack was able to dramatize nicely a number of scenes and make them stand out as well as create a sturdy foundation for the action scenes. The way I see it now, it’s definitely worth listening to the OST on its own.

Find Inai Keiji here:
Official Webpage on Imagine Music // Twitter

The Ending Theme. An interesting motif. “Hamidashi Mono” by Kusunoki Tomori

Discover more on Kusunoki Tomori’s YouTube channel.

So, the singer of the ending theme is actually the seiyuu who portrays Misha Necron, aka. this anime’s waifu –probably… The ED starts off dynamically and works well with the setting of the anime from the first few notes.

woman, leans on white wall, huggs corner, wears blue embroidered dress/top
Female singer and voice actress, Kusunoki Tomori (source)

However, as the song progresses, its characteristic motif fades away into the more familiar female singer J-pop sound. Overall, it’s catchy and pleasant to listen to although I feel like it took a more generic turn towards its end.

Find Kusunoki Tomori here:
Official Website // Twitter // YouTube


  • Adequate opening theme; calling it good would be pushing it a bit
  • Soundtrack that surprised me positively with its quality and use
  • Nice ending but became vanilla from the chorus onwards
  • +½★ just for featuring Anos Voldigoad as the singer in OP episode 4



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